HCL Notes and Lotus Domino V12 !
Available 7.th of June. The most important and the best version of Notes and Domino yet.
Read more about it here: Læs mere her: https://www.ibm.com/collaboration/ibm-domino
IBM XWork Server
IBM XWorks server

IBM XWork Server is basically:
- a re-branded Domino server
- a new license model
- - a yearly license of $2000
- - no client licenses needed.

The limitation is a maximum of 4 applications, each consisting of 1-4 databases, up to 16 NSF databases in all.

If you need more databases you just need to buy further licenses.

More about it here: IBM XWork Server

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware solutions

We highly recommend EMSISOFT's four layer Anti-Virus solution for business.
It is very fast and effective against virus, malware and randsomware.
It has a cloud administration console which makes it very easy to administer your clients.

Contact us for a solution that fits your company.
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